Reversing Kidney Ailments Naturally: 6 Natural Cures to Reverse Chronic Kidney Disease


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When faced with the diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease what should you be doing? What can you be doing, to stop further decline in kidney function, avoid dialysis, and make life as comfortable and liveable as possible? Those are the exact questions our family had to take on when my father was faced with late-stage Chronic Kidney Disease. And they were questions that we didn’t easily find answers for. But we searched, and researched, and implemented. We successfully found balance and stability, and here within we share all that we discovered. In this book you will find an intro to some of the new words and jargon you’ll be hearing, a layman’s intro into the kidney and it’s functions, an intro to the tests and stages of CKD, my thoughts on the challenges and techniques for changing habits, the importance of diet, low salt recipes and no salt replacement sauce recipes, CKD friendly recipes with low potassium, phosphorus & protein, along with a few tips for carers.Reverse Chronic Kidney Disease