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  • 【Effectively Relieve Tinnitus】 – This tinnitus relief treatment patch is effective in relieving tinnitus, reducing buzzing, clicking and other tinnitus symptoms. You no longer have to endure the effects of inexplicable sounds in your ears.
  • 【Boost Blood Circulation】-The highly permeable ear ringing relief patches diffuse active ingredients directly through the skin to improve blood circulation, relieve headaches, and reduce sensitivity to ear noise.
  • 【Improve Concentration】- This tinnitus earbud can effectively reduce sensitivity to ear noise. This way your thinking is not interrupted by tinnitus, which improves your concentration and reduces the risk of memory impairment.
  • 【Natural Ingredients】- Our tinnitus relief patches are made with organic plant active ingredients, each patch is infused with 100% natural herbal extracts, and has undergone multiple safety tests, so you donu0027t have to worry about any side effects.
  • 【Easy to use】 – This tinnitus relief features a patch design that wonu0027t squeeze the ears. To use, simply peel off and apply to the skin behind the ear. Remove after 6-8 hours. And can be carried anytime, anywhere, suitable for most patients suffering from tinnitus problems.


Choose our Tinnitus relief for ringing ears Patchs for a quiet life free from tinnitus.Features:1. Quickly relieve tinnitus, long-term use can feel relieved tinnitus.2. Non-woven material, not sultry or irritating to use.3. Improve blood circulation to relieve headache and relax nerves.4. Help sleep, improve memory and make you more energetic.5. Natural herbs contain a variety of plant extracts.6. Small and exquisite, easy to carry.How To Use:1. Keep the skin clean and dry.2. Apply the tinnitus relief patch to the soles of the feet and behind the ears.3. Apply every 8-12 hours, once a day.Amazon,walmart